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AFCON Control and Automation Ltd. is a major Israeli Systems House in the fields of Computer-based Control and Security systems, involved in the detailed design, implementation and commissioning of major national and overseas projects. AFCON Control and Automation Ltd. is fully owned by AFCON Technologies Ltd, part of the AFCON Holdings Group – a leading Israeli contracting and manufacturing company of Industrial electrical, Electronics and Control Systems, Natural Gas systems and Communications solution provider.

AFCON Control and Automation Ltd. encompasses the entire range of System House activities of large-scale computerized integration projects, in the areas of Industrial Control Systems, Fire and Security Systems, Traffic & Parking Systems, Building Management and Information Technologies, and Software and Electronics Products. These projects usually include a variety of sensoring equipment with communications and networking to a central command and control system, and multidisciplinary integration.
AFCON develops software products for Command, Control and Monitoring (SCADA/HMI), used in fields of Industrial Control, Transportation, Energy, Building Management and Security related applications. Our suite of products provides tools for carrying out any complex integration project requiring interaction between people and machines.
The Projects Department specializes in developing custom-made projects, combining our system engineering know-how with a vast knowledge in the ICT area. The experience of the International Projects Department includes the design, development and implementation of: Monitoring and Control Systems, Wired and Wireless communication systems, GIS technologies, telemedicine software applications, Data-warehousing, Expert Systems and DSS (Decision Support System), User Interfaces for Web and Win applications. In addition, the Projects Department is experienced in testing, integrating and validating the mentioned systems.
AFCON successfully coordinated an FP5 project and performs as WP leader in five FP6 and FP7 IP projects: NISAN, P. CEZANNE, CHILL-ON, SkinTreat, and SONO.

Website: http://www.afcon-inc.com/