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INESC-ID, “Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores: Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa” is a private not for-profit institution dedicated to research and development, certified as of public interest. Created in 2000, it was awarded the status of Associated Laboratory (Laboratório Associado) in 2004. It is owned by Instituto Superior Técnico and INESC – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores. INESC-ID is one of the most dynamic research institutes in Portugal in the areas of electronics, information systems and telecommunications.

In close cooperation with its partners, INESC-ID has emerged as an institution of reference, intensely involved in a number of high visibility projects that define the state of the art in these areas, both at national and international levels.
The institute integrates a body of highly qualified researchers, which includes more than 90 with a PhD degree, as well as a large number of post-graduate students.
The majority of the senior researchers are professors, most of them from Instituto Superior Técnico, but also from other Portuguese universities.
This body of researchers, unique at national level in its scientific area, enables INESC-ID to act, in an effective way, in the different phases of the R&D process.
The intense activity developed by INESC-ID since its inception in 2000 resulted, up to now, in more than 1700 scientific papers, dozens of industrial prototypes as well as a number of patents and awards.

INESC-ID is represented in the project by the Distributed Systems Group (GSD).
The Distributed Systems Group at INESC-ID Lisboa performs research in the area of algorithmic, middleware, security, and communications support to build complex and dynamic fault-tolerant distributed applications.
GSD has participated in several national and international projects, including IST projects from the last framework programme and publish regularly in prestigious journals and conferences.
GSD is currently the coordinator of the Euro-TM COST Action (ICT Action IC1001), and projects Cloud-TM project (STReP contract no. 257784) and FastFix (STReP contract no. 258109).

Website: www.gsd.inesc-id.pt / www.inesc-id.pt