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OS New Horizon Ltd., established in 2010, is an initiative of the Brown family, former co-owners of Wella Israel and Intercosma Inc. Gila Fish, nee Brown, who formerly held leading positions in the family business, is the visionary and driving force behind this new enterprise.

OS business targets are focused in the development and supply of personal computing solutions to the people in the digital era, by enhancing their privacy, security and ease of use.

Current behavioral trends lead people to store personal data (such as general private life-long documents, electronic keys and passwords for accessing email and remote services) on Smartphones. Unfortunately, these data, given the vulnerability of existing Smartphones, can easily be tracked by intruders and then accessed by them. Moreover, passwords and electronic signatures on smartphones can be hijacked, enabling remote-site intrusion via a faked identity.  

For this purpose, OS has designed a new,  patented concept  of an advanced technology-based platform for both targets: secured data storing & management as well as perfect  bio-authentication when accessing remote sites.  OS New Horizon employs teams of highly skilled software and hardware engineers.

Website: http://www.osnewhorizon.com/